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Apple Pie Quicky

Quick, easy and warm so delicious I couldn't even take a picture!


4 organic eggs

200 g sugar

120 g butter or margarine

120 ml milk or milk substitute

7 apples (in thin wedges - I had a sour, firm apple)

280 g flour

1/2 pack of baking powder


Place apples with or without peel in the mold.

I only made half the amount for my recipe - stupid mistake because I wanted to try the recipe first.

Mix eggs with sugar until foamy.

Boil the margerine with milk (substitute), or put it in the microwave and pour it into the egg-sugar mixture while it is still hot.

Mix flour with baking powder and carefully fold into the mixture.

Pour the mixture over the apples and then briefly tap the baking pan on the kitchen plate so that the mixture covers all the apples well.

Bake at 165 degrees Celsius (330 Fahrenheit) for about 40 minutes (times may vary depending on the stove)!

I haven't tried the recipe with an egg substitute yet, but it should also work if you want the cake to be vegan. However, I didn't use milk for the dough, but instead used almond milk and margerine instead of the suggested butter.

The cake was eaten warm, I was too slow to take a picture. I suspect that the juiciness of the cake depends a lot on what type of apple you use.

I wish you good luck!


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