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Asparagus with pointed cabbage & cashew butter

Easy to prepare, takes some time, but it's worth it!


Pointed cabbage, washed and sliced

White asparagus, peeled

Cashew butter (made from 100% cashew nuts)

Olive oil (or another oil of your choice)

Salt, pepper, herbs of Provence, spicy paprika powder



Mix oil and all spices.

Cut the pointed cabbage into slices, place on a baking tray and cover with the oil and spice mixture.

Cook in the oven at 300 degrees Fahrenheit / 150 degrees Celsius for 20 minutes, then turn the slices over, turn off the oven and continue cooking with the oven closed until all other components are ready.

While the pointed cabbage is in the oven, peel the asparagus and either steam it in a steamer at 215 degrees Fahrenheit / 100 degrees Celsius for 16-20 minutes (cooking time depends on the thickness of the asparagus stalks). Alternatively, cook the asparagus in a pot wit salted water (and a splash of milk) (heads facing up) until the asparagus stalks bend slightly .

Then arrange everything and enjoy!

Asparagus, cabbage, a little sea salt and cashew butter.

If you want, you can of course cook potatoes to go with it. I saved myself the extra portion of carbohydrates :-).


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