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Fasting with vegetable and fruit juices

Not easy, but effective, consultation with a doctor may be required.

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For explanation:

I have a chronic rheumatic joint disease and detoxify my body by fasting once or twice a year. I would like to share with you my path to detoxification and later also the recovery after fasting. Maybe you would like to fast together with me - I will post my next fasting window on FB.

For me, fasting doesn't mean losing weight, but after fasting I pay a lot of attention to what I eat, so this might be a good start to conscious eating if you want to focus on losing weight.

My focus is on detoxification and the new body and taste sensation after fasting - you have to experience that at least once in your life!


  • Plan: put fasting in the calendar, you can also go out while fasting, but then only drink water or tea -> My tip: make an appointment with friends and family and go with them to restaurants where you wouldn't like the food anyway :-)

  • Communication: tell your family and friends about your project and ask for support; fasting is great, but there are also weak, difficult moments - it's good to have support from those around you; you are also welcome to share your experiences with me;

  • Shopping list:

    • Glauber salt (sodium sulfate decahydrate) or another alternative for full bowel emptying

    • pure vegetable juice without sugar - 600 ml per fasting day,

    • pure fruit juice without added sugar - 100 ml per fasting day,

    • 250 ml of good cold-pressed olive oil and/or nut oil (I have both at home because I like variety)

    • Tea and water (2-3 liters per fasting day)

    • optional: multivitamin tablets, calcium and magnesium tablets (the latter if, like me, you also do sports while fasting);

    • optional: sea salt, ginger, turmeric and chili powder (you can use this to season some of the vegetable juices)


  1. Day is shit-day (sorry for my language): I start around lunchtime and drink my Glauber salt, after a few hours I make myself comfy on the toilet with a book, my ipad, and tea; when the bowel is emptied please keep on drinking water and tea!

  2. Day - until the end of the fast: every day I drink 600 ml vegetable juice, 2-3 liters of water and tea over the day, and 100 ml fruit juice in the evening; even when you visit very often the bathroom please keep drinking! In case the hunger overwhelms you then drink the fruit juice a bit earlier;

  3. last day of fasting: add to the liquid from point 2 a vegetable soup;

  4. After the fast comes the build-up, which I will describe in another blog;

When do you stop fasting?

This is a very individual decision - in our clinic the fasting was 5-7 days, I usually fast 10-14 days but stop when I feel weak and not well in my body. I let my blood check quite regular and in my body I never had a bad experience with fasting. Please be mindful with yourself when you try it as every body is different!

How do I build-up?

After fasting, your sense of taste and smell is much more intense.

Why do I mention this? For example: I cant go to a restaurant straight after fasting because everything tasts salty and too intensely spiced, but every body will probably react differently. The slow build-up after fastign is also necessary because the digestive system was on a break during the fast and needs time to slowly get used to solid food again. Take your time with the build-up! As a rule of thumb: the build-up takes half as long as the fasting period was.

Day 1: I continue drinking my vegetable juice (around 300 ml) but I also eat a small bread roll, a juicy apple, and drink a large cup of homemade vegetable broth.

I take small bites, chew everything with relish and take my time eating. I enjoy what I taste: sweetness and saltiness.

Day 2: I have already baked my own bread (I will publish the recipe in another blog).

A slice of bread, vegetable soup with vegetables, and an apple besides my juice are still my best friends.

Day 3 and further days: lots of vegetables steamed/roasted/but not fried, reduced protein/carbohydrates /sugars, no alkohol.

Let me know via Facebook or in the comments here how you got on and what experiences you have had with fasting.

I wish you much success and joy in your fasting!


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