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Mushroom pan in the wok

Simple, super fast, ideal for the autumn season


Oil (neutral)

Onion (I used onion powder here because a guest doesn't like sliced onions)

Pepper powder (mild or hot)

Oyster mushrooms (I dusted them with a little flour)

Champions (I quartered and dusted them with a little flour so that they get color on the outside when frying)

Salt, pepper,


a little vegetable broth

Sour cream (also vegan, alternatively you could use cream, or if you don't want a creamy sauce, leave out the last component completely)

Side dish: half washed, fried Pak Choi heads and rice, other vegetables (e.g. broccoli) or mashed potatoes.


Preheat the wok well with oil

Saute the onions briefly, if you want to use a little paprika powder, then add it to the pan

Add oyster mushrooms, then mushrooms and fry both - let the mushrooms get a little color,

Deglaze with vegetable broth,

Add the spices, let it boil briefly again and then finally add the sour cream, which should no longer cook.

Enjoy your meal!


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