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Pumpkin soup

Easy and quick for autumn and winter - new recipe


1. Coarsely diced pumpkin (I always use a pumpkin that I don't have to peel, which means I put the peel in the pot)

Boiled potato (about one part potato for every four parts pumpkin)

Peeled garlic

Fresh ginger cut (you can also use ginger powder)

Olive oil (any other oil works too)

2. Vegetable broth and a peeled orange

3. Salt, pepper, chili (my must have ingredient as you might have noticed already :-)), a few spoons of sour cream


Fry all the ingredients under point 1 briefly in oil until the ingredients have a little color,

then pour in the vegetable broth and add the peeled orange.

Cook pumpkin until soft (about 1/2 hour cooking time if pumpkin was not cut too large), then puree all ingredients and season with the ingredients under point 3.

I actually always cook a different pumpkin soup recipe, but I wanted to try something new and this was the result.

There are no limits to the variations, perhaps a few croutons roasted in garlic oil on top of the soup or a delicious baguette?

Enjoy your meal!


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